Something to Smile About: The Benefits of Daily Discipline with Dental Care

    Achieving exceptional oral health isn’t exactly a secret: engage in routine dental cleaning, visit your dentist on a regular basis, and pay attention to warning signs for tooth decay and other dental problems.

    That’s it – simple as pie (although we don’t recommend eating too much pie; it’s bad for those pearly whites.)

    But like most things related to kids, it can be easier said than done.

    For one thing, it takes discipline. For another, routine dental cleanings are not something most children or adults look forward to , even if our innovative dental specialists make it more fun for kids with things like augmented reality and super-cool toothbrushes).

    And how exactly is routine dental cleaning defined, anyway?

    The Super Dentists is here to lay it all out for you and your children. While our pediatric dentistry reinvents and transforms the traditional dental visit, the time-tested tradition of routine dental cleaning still stands. There’s something to be said for self-care habits that have worked for generations.

    Routine Dental Cleaning: A Plan of Action for Parents and Kids

    Once you establish a solid, routine dental cleaning schedule, kids’ dental care pretty much takes care of itself. For most parents and kids, the problem is getting started.

    The Super Dentists is here to help. Follow these common sense, foolproof, stick-to-it-and-see-the-benefits dental cleaning activities to start on ASAP! (By the way, these are ideal for parents, too. And just like kids, regular dental visits for parents are also encouraged.)

    • Make brushing & flossing part of going to bed. The average day is tough on kids’ teeth. Sugary snacks. Plaque buildup. Bad breath. The list never ends. It’s important to get kids into the daily routine of brushing and flossing every night to end the day on a positive– their smiles will show the difference.
    • Brush at least for 2 minutes. You know how your child comes back from brushing after 30 seconds claiming to be done? Especially for young kids, getting a full two minutes of brushing time is a critical element of routine dental cleaning. Musical toothbrushes are a great way to accomplish – hey, we know of some brushes you might be interested in!
    • Visit the dentist regularly. Dental visits and routine dental cleanings should be part of taking care of your entire family’s oral health. Make sure your kids see the dentist at least two or three times per year, or at the frequency recommended by their dentist for their individual needs
    • Watch the diet! Sometimes, routine dental cleaning can be augmented with a smart, healthy mix of snacks and teeth-friendly beverages. Crunchy veggies like celery and carrots help clean teeth naturally. Water is always a great option as a beverage, particularly for children involved in sports and other activities – many sports drinks are loaded with sugar.

    Keep up with your kids’ routine dental cleaning, and their entire health will improve! To see San Diego’s premier pediatric and general dentists today, schedule an appointment at The Super Dentists. To see a list of our area dental offices, click here.


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