Welcome to Our Pediatric Dentistry Practice!

Your Children's Smiling Faces are Our Greatest Reward

A visit to the dentist isn't something most of us look forward to - especially children. However, that's about to change. Get ready to experience a pediatric dental practice unlike any other. 

Welcome to the office of The Super Dentists, located in San Diego County.

Specializing in pediatric dentistry, Dr. Nazli Keri and her team of dental professionals provide a warm and nurturing environment. Before your children ever sit in the dentist's chair, they play in our fairy tale setting, complete with games, books, videos and more.
Your children discover they can relax and feel safe, confident that they are in good hands.

Ensuring Your Children Grow Up with Healthy Smiles

Highly trained and skilled in their profession, The Super Dentists take advantage of the latest in preventative and restorative treatments. Designed to deliver peace-of-mind to you and your children, our pediatric dental care includes:

• Proper maintenance with regular check-ups.
• Cavity prevention using fluoride treatments.
• Decay prevention with sealants.
• Restoration of decaying teeth with stainless steel or composite crowns.
• Natural looking white (composite) fillings vs. unsightly metal ones.
• More comfortable, less frightening anesthetia injections implementing "The Wand."
• Laser Dentistry for faster healing and more comfort.

Pediatric Specialists Help Your Children Feel at Ease

Dr. Keri's personality is friendly and reassuring. Creating a safe and soothing environment that helps your children feel less apprehensive about their visit, she also motivates them to practice proper oral hygiene when they're home.
Thanks to the ongoing referrals from our loyal patients, The Super Dentists' dental practice continues to grow. When you and your children visit the office, you'll be taken care of by one of several established and attentive pediatric dentists.

Their objective is to put your children's minds at ease by offering:

• A fun-loving staff that treats them like family - welcoming them as soon as they enter the office.
• Soft music and televisions that calm and entertain them while they wait for their appointment.
• Rewards for a job well done.

Make Your Children's Dental Appointment Today

At The Super Dentists, your children's smile is our top priority. Our team  ensures that your kids receive the extra special, super care they deserve. 
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